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The Beauty & Hygiene Aisle

Our Beauty & Hygiene Aisle offer you all you need to keep your Rats and other pets well groomed and their home and environment clean.
Options Corner Litter Tray Medium
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These litter pans are high backed, great value and easy to fit. They can simply sit in corner of a pets cage or can hook on to the supplied, easy fit clips in wire/mesh homes. Measures 31cm wide x 22cm deep x 15cm high


Claw clippers
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New Product
These clippers feature soft grip handles for a comfortable, non-slip hold. Your Rats will need to have their nails trimmed from time to time, especially if they get mites, short toenails will reduce the risks of skin damage and infection. Old rats with decreased leg movement often get long nails that need trimming.


Foam-tipped Bottle Brush
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New Product
A bottle brush to keep your water bottles clean. The foam tip helps clean the bottom end of your bottles.


Small Grooming Brush
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This is a soft bristled mini brush, the perfect grooming aid for old Rats who are finding grooming themselves a challenge. We have found that with age, some pets really enjoy being brushed and pampered and appreciate the assistance we can provide. (photo for illustrative purpose)


Tap-A-Drop Odour Remover
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The Rat Warehouse is still the leading distributor of Nilodor Tap-A-Drop in the UK and Continental Europe. Used as a room freshener, one drop tapped on a tissue, placed out of reach of pets and away from cages, neutralises odours for up to 24 hours. As it is an inert product, it is safe to use around pets. This product doesn't mask odours, it neutralises them. Nilodor can also be used to neutralise odours around the house, such as cooking, paint, urine, feces, vomit and smoke smells. Perfect to keep your car or gym locker smelling fresh too. One drop goes a long way! Up to 400 applications per 14ml bottle

Photo for illustrative purpose only.

Soft Linen  £4.70
Citrus  £4.70
Original  £4.70
Spring Mint  £4.70
Red Clover Tea  £4.70

Bottle Brush
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This bottle brush by Savic is a useful brush, as it has a smaller end to clean the inside of the nozzles.


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