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The Lounging Aisle

The Lounging Aisle offers a variety of accessories to provide your Rats and other critters with a safe space to sleep or lounge and feel secure and comfortable.
Trixie House
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An easy to clean house by Trixie. It has no bottom floor making it easy to access for older rats who are losing some mobility. Available in medium size for rats, and mini, for mice, gerbils, hamsters

Medium: 23x15x26cm
Mini: 14×9×16cm

Medium  £3.85
Mini  £1.45

Green cuddly bed
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A small flat bed made of nylon and lined in lamb wool like material. Really comfy and offers a little support around the edges, making it a perfect accessory for all rats, particularly older rats, as the edge can assist in eating and grooming. It can also be used as a liner in the pawprint carrier..

Measures overall 30x22cm


Naturals Chill 'n' Chew Mat
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New Product
This mat is 100% natural, made only with woven water hyacinth and rattan. Also can be used to stimulate foraging by sprinkling with small pieces of dried vegetables, seeds or herbs. Measures 33x24cm


Savic Sputnik XL Rat House - Black
Product image

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You can hang the black sputnik from the roof of your cage or sit it on a shelf or the floor. This larger version can accommodate larger pets, including ferrets or groups of squishy rats! Measure 29cm x 26cm x 19cm

TIP: If your sputnik gets a little bent in the post, soak in hot water to reshape.


Rody Igloo
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The classic igloo, it is so popular, the Rody comes apart for easy cleaning and gives your Rats a nice, private room to sleep, stash food or eat and groom themselves in peace. Comes in lime green, pale blue or hot pink, you will be receiving a surprise colour depending on our stock at the time of your order. measures approximately 12 in. (L) x 8 in. (W)


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