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Scatter & Forage

Rats love to forage and sniff around for tasty little snacks. In this aisle you will find a selection of single and mixed fruits, vegetables, seeds and botanics to encourage your pets natural behaviour.
Nothing But Puffed Sweetcorn
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Just natural, tasty puffed sweetcorn, nothing else added. Can be added to your dry mix, scattered in the cage or fed as a treat. Ideal to use with the Puzzle Treat Box 50g


Nothing But Carrot Chips
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Human food grade carrot chips, a healthy treat for your small friends. Handfeed as a treat, add to your food mix or scatter in the cage to forage. 50g


Nothing But Calciworms
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Calciworms are a better balanced worm which can be fed as a treat, scattered or added sparingly to your rats dry mix. What makes calciworms different from other worms is the perfect calcium to potassium ratio, which is healthier. A better choice all round! 25g


Nothing But Gammarus Shrimp
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A delicious source of protein to add to your mix or scatter in the cage. As this contains high levels of protein, feed in moderation. 25g

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Nothing But Banana Pieces
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Unsweetened Banana pieces, a healthy, irresistible treat. 50g

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