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Welcome to the Rat Warehouse!

We are one of the first specialised rat shops and we have been spoiling your rats since 2004. The Rat Warehouse is run by a veteran rat keeper. All the products offered on the site have been researched carefully, so there is no need to worry, if something is on this site, it is suitable for rats. With the growing competition, we do our best to keep up with the latest in rat care and offer you nothing but the best.

A lot of our products are exclusive to The Rat Warehouse so they cannot be bought from other online shops. We offer your Rats a variety of delicious treats, no-nonsense complete rat mixes, a wide selection of health products as well as several imaginative and fun accessories.

We do our best to sell our 3rd party products below the suggested retail price to accommodate everyone's budget.

We also spoil rats around the world! We do ship worldwide!

We hope you enjoy your Rat Warehouse experience!

- Sabby

New Products!
Electric Rats Old Bag
Rat and Mouse Maintenance Diet 750g
Small Hammock set - Loud & Proud
Electric Rats Fluffbum
Nutty Biscuit Bars
Veggie Safari Chews
Hut - Desert Fox
Veggie Honeycomb Bone
Lil Fishies Fluffbum
House mix - no wormies
Mini Play Tube
Pari Compact 2 Nebuliser
Hide a Treat Puzzle box
F10 Hand Foam
PanderRat Necklace
Carrot Mini Drops
Veggie Creme
Electric Rats Flat long
Weight-Up Baby! Morelicks
Loud & Proud Fluffbum
Electric Rats Loungy Tube
Elkwood Vegetable Antler Chew
Natural Wood Triangle Swing
Sunflower Biscuit Bars
Veggie Jawbone Chew
Minty Llama Fluffbum
Snack 'n' Sniffle Puzzle
Hut - Racoon Moon
Swivel Snack Box
Organic Sprouting Mix
Mini Rainbow Sticks
F10 Antiseptic Solution
Weight-Up Baby! No-Chick'n & Mushroom
Trixie Multivitamin Malt Paste
Loud & Proud Loungy Tube
House mix
Fluffbum Wide - Loud & Proud
Fluffbum Wide - Hanami

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