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Your FAQs

Here's a quick guide to your frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, please contact us and we will answer your question and add it here.

Q - How do you work postage out?
A - Our postage is based on Royal Mail and courier tariffs and calculated on weight. Then a small percentage is added to cover the costs of packaging material and labour. The heavier your parcel, the more postage will cost. Our shopping cart will automatically pick the cheapest shipping for you as a default shipping method, if you require quicker shipping, you will have to change your shipping when you check out. We offer courier as a cheaper alternative for heavier orders such as food and litter, but it is not a quick option.

Q - How can I contact you?
A - You can contact us by email, by using our contact page, if you do not get a reply within 2 working days - usually less, please resend your message to sales@ratwarehouse.com You should always quote your order number if you are enquiring about an existing order as it can sometimes be very difficult to match up names with an order. Upon registration, you will get your password from us in an email. Please do NOT use that email address to email us as it is a 'no-reply' email as it will never get to us and your query will never get answered.

Email and Facebook/Instagram messages are the preferred forms of communication, however if you prefer, leave a voicemail on 01935 804646 and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Q - Can you get my parcel delivered at a different address than the one I gave you?
A - Yes, you need to access your account details before checking out and add a shipping address. Or contact me by email to ask for a delivery adress change

Q - I have problems checking out: The shopping cart tells me my email address is already in use and I can't remember my password or creating an account. What do I do?
A - When you first used the site, a password was generated automatically and it was sent to your email address. For some reason, our automated emails get deleted by certain email providers. Please check your junk folder and see if there is an email there, if not, email us and we will send you your password as soon as we can.

Q - Do you use cotton or polycotton in your products??
A - No we do not. We use fleece and sherpa only. As tempting as it would be to provide a wider range of really cool prints, we opt to put the safety of your rats first. Having been a member of the online rat community for several years, we have seen and heard about accidents involving long fibre fabrics, such as a leg or neck caught in a chewed up cotton hammock, we prefer to stick with what is known to be safe in our own handmade products. We still put some effort into finding fleece that will brighten up your cage with style.

Q - Do you sell rats?
A - No we don't breed nor sell rats. We can recommend some rescues or breeders in your area, but we ourselves only keep rescue rats.

Q - Do you offer next day delivery?
A - As I run the shop on my own, it is impossible for me to offer next day delivery as a standard service. I can however make the odd exception under certain circumstances and rush an order if it is for health products.
Simply email me at sales@ratwarehouse.com and ask if something can be arranged. I will have to make sure that everything you need is in stock and that I have enough time to pack and prepare your parcel in time for my business collection which is usually mid-afternoon. I can also arrange for Special Delivery at extra cost.

Q - What methods of payment do you accept?
A - The Ratwarehouse accepts card payments via Paypal or Barclaycard card processing system. Other payment methods are bank transfers and postal orders. Telephone payments and cheques are no longer accepted.

Q - Humans with allergies (peanuts, seeds, nuts etc), should I worry?
A - Our products are packaged and blended in an environment which handles peanuts, as well as other allergens. If you have any allergies, please contact us to know if we handle certain ingredients. There is always a risk of cross contamination and we don't want to accidentally expose our customers to certain allergens.

Q - Do you deliver large and heavy orders?
A - Yes we deliver heavy items by courier. When choosing the courier option when you check out, please make sure to provide a phone number and an address where someone will be in to receive the delivery.

Q - Will my ratties chew their Lounging Accessories?
A - They might do! It really depends on the individual Rattie. We have heard of Rats chewing their way through the plastic base of a cage, so nothing is rat-proof. But as our prices are so affordable, once your Ratties have "customised" their Lounging Accessory beyond recognition, you can always order more! Remember to inspect chewed hammocks and trim damaged fabric to avoid accidents and injuries.

Q - Do you do custom sized accessories?
A - Yes! Please use our contact page to give us the specifics and we will send you the prices. Please note that custom orders are not refundable.

Q - Do you ship worldwide?
A - Yes, under normal cuircumstances, but we have currently suspended shipping to the EU until the rules are clearer. When I resume shipping to the EU, please be aware that due to Brexit, you may be liable to pay fees to receive your parcel.

Additionally, due to various import laws in each country, we have restrictions, certain products are not available for sale outside the UK. Before you place your order, it is your responsibility to make sure that your country allows the product you want to purchase. In the event you ordered a restricted or prohibited item in your country and it were to be confiscated or destroyed at customs, we will not issue a partial or full refund for either the product or the shipping costs. So please check.

If your question is not listed, please Contact Us.

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