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Our News

This page is no longer updated and only here for reference. For news and updates, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter @ratwarehouse for the latest info! Thanks!



30th Nov 2015
We regret to inform the few of you who paid by card over the phone that this method of payment is no longer accepted. The only accepted payment methods are card payments by Paypal (no account required), Barclaycard credit card processing (accepts most major credit and debit cards), Bank tranfers, bank deposits in person at any HSBC branch, and postal orders.

23rd Nov 2015
To my Scottish customers. I have had to add a new courier choice for courier deliveries to Scotland because unfortunately, the courier I use have increased their prices across the board and whilst I used to absorb the extra cost of shipping to Scotland, I can no longer afford to do that. It might be more economical to split larger orders into two or three orders weighing less than 2kg. It is a pain, I know, but there is not much I can do. I can also offer a collect+ type delivery as well if that would be of any interest, it is convenient and keeps costs down a little.

5th Oct 2015
This page will no longer be updated, for news and updates, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter @ratwarehouse and subscribe to our blog page to for the latest info! Thanks!



11th Sep 2014
It's been awhile since we have updated the News! Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter @ratwarehouse and subscribe to our blog page for regular updates and news! https://www.facebook.com/ratwarehouse http://theratwarehouse.blogspot.co.uk

21st May 2012
TRW P&P prices have recently changed to reflect the Royal Mail prices increase and restructuring. In some cases, the prices will be lower and in others, they will be greater. Unfortunately, the price changes are more significant than the last ones. As a small and very specialised company, it is impossible for me to subsidise shipping costs and remain open, but I endeavour to keep costs down and pass any savings on to my customers. Increases are more noticeable in international shipping.

6th Mar 2012
We have added a new section for your doggies! The shop sells a lot of items that are designed for dogs but are suitable for rats. But we sorted those products into one dog aisle. We will be adding doggies products as time goes, keep an eye on there!

We also have a few new products in, check out the treats and toys aisle.

Have you seen the Trixie Mini Capri carriers? They are probably amongst some of the best small animal carriers I have come across, they feel sturdy and the access is great. It can also double as a hospital tank. When people see them at shows, they sell like hot cakes.

12th Jul 2011
Check out our new loungy tubes! We now currently have them in pink or lime zebra, or pink and black or white and black skulls and crossbones fleece. We are also looking into a few new products from an entirely new supplier! Exciting! As we update our Facebook page more regularly than the news page, we strongly recommend that you join us on there for more regular news and updates!

27th Jan 2011
Some prices have gone up recently, due to the increase in VAT and in fuel prices which has a major impact on the cost of importing and purchasing supplies. We try to keep our prices as low as we possibly can so we apologise for some of the prices which seem to have jumped up recently.

9th Dec 2010
After numerous reports of faulty Ferplast Drinky bottles, we have decided to take them off our shop.

17th Jun 2010
Alpha Herbal Deluxe has been taken off the shop. The manufacturers have decided to change the recipe to improve it for rabbits. It now contains grass pellets and lots of grass which makes it less appealing for rats. We have replaced it with Burgess Supa Rabbit Natural which contains no alfalfa pellets but does contain some grass. It is a little compromise I hope everyone will be happy with. It also provides copper at 15mg/kg of food and 12.5% protein.

19th Jan 2010
We will have our pink cocoon igloos by Savic online soon! Keep an eye on our lounging page.

Also due to certain production issues, the Hammock section will be rearranged shortly and you will be able to purchase our hammocks again. The colour ranges will be limited but will change more often. We will also introduce our new Hammock dimensions to suit new larger cages such as the Explorer and Tower/Abode.

2nd Dec 2008
The Rat Warehouse Features in the RSPCA Winter edition of Animal Life

So your favourite rat shop is featured in the Winter edition of the RSPCA's Animal Life Magazine. If you receive the magazine, look out for their feature on Pet Rats which is a good read and enter the competition to win some fabulous prizes provided by us.

8th Sep 2008
We're taking a break! A much needed holiday indeed, but we will be back before you know it. We are planning to reopen following the Cheltenham show which takes place on 25/10/08. Details of that show are available here:

After the show, we will reopen with new products! Hope to see you at the show! In the meantime, we will still fulfill emergency orders for health products as we usually do.

27th May 2008
Sometimes people forget, or are unaware, that this shop is run by one person, me. Today, my Mother died in Canada. So I need some time to sort things out which is why I closed the shop temporarily. I trust you will understand. Thank you, Sabby.

31st Mar 2007

It's that time again! The Rat Warehouse will be attending the Cardiff show on Saturday, the 31st of March 2007 with loads of goodies for you to spoil your brats. Come and say hello, even if you don't need anything, it's always nice to put a face to a name! You can also have a sneak peek at our upcoming products due out on the site in april! It's a great opportunity to meet other rat lovers and have a chat with people who share your passion for rats.

As usual, if you need a special item and you want to make sure we have it there, please let us know in advance and we will try our best to make sure we have it there for you. This applies for things we do not normally stock as a regular item. Just ask!

Details of the venue can be found here

See you there!

2nd May 2006
Ferretvite has been discontinued at the source, so we will unfortunately be unable to offer you that product. We will offer you an alternative product as of this week.

12th Mar 2006
A number of our customers have recently received an email asking to settle their accounts which remain unpaid due to an error. That email is genuine so we ask you to kindly co-operate and help us redress the situation. We wish to thank all those concerned in advance.

9th Feb 2006
The Ferplast Cages prices have gone up due to a price increase with the manufacturers. We are still stocking them because of the demand, but we have to add the increase on our own prices unfortunately.

10th Jan 2006
The Rat Warehouse had a makeover. A fresh new look with added features like the Account, you can now start collecting the Squeek! points which you will be able to spend at a later date.

11th May 2005
Due to popular demand, we now offer the Ferplast Range of big cages! We have now added the Brio range, the Scoiattoli 5, the Duetto and the Mito. To complement your new cages, we have also designed the brand new Roof Rat hammocks which come in a new exciting pink fleece! Check out out Girlie range.

We have also added a new sleeping bag, the Dreamy which is lined in soft, lush lambskin fleece. A dream to sleep in! Ideal for Rats, Ferrets and other small pets.

16th Apr 2005
The Rat Warehouse hits the road once again! Please come and say hello! PE should be with us, you cannot come to Cardiff and not say hello to our little darling boy! Those who know him know he is a special boy! He was featured in a few of our Valentines cards, he is well-known now as the boy who bathes. If you need anything as a special order, please let us know via email before the show and we will see if we can arrange something!

6th Apr 2005
Shipping prices modifications were brought in today. From now on, our shipping prices must include VAT. However, books will now all ship free of charge. We are also now offering courier service for heavier orders, which means you can get more shipped for your money!

15th May 2004
The Rat Warehouse hits the road! We will be at the Cardiff show, we will be easy to find, just look for the sign with the shopping rat and come introduce your Ratties and browse what's will be on offer. We are looking forward to meet you all!

7th May 2004
The lovely Rat Bowls are available as of today! They come in different colours. Measuring 2 inches in diameter, they are ideal for special treats and meals. Also the Rat Carrier is available in 3 different colours, the ventilation holes on the lid are pawprint shaped. Cute!.

24th Apr 2004
The Rat Warehouse opens! It's live, it's online and it's busy! We are excited with the interest we are generating and we wish to thank everyone who is taking part in the Rat Warehouse experience!


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