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Sprouting Kit 
Rat Warehouse 
Start sprouting seed and pulses with this reusable sprouting kit.

You can buy the whole kit, which includes a glass jar, a metail lid with a mesh screen and a bag of Sprouting mix or buy them separately.

The sprouting mix is delicious blend of human food grade organic pulses and seeds for you to sprout as it unleashes the nutrients hiding within and makes them easily assimilated.

Current batch contains organic chickpeas, organic aduki beans, organic mung beans, organic green speckled lentils, organic brown lentils 200g

How to sprout your mix:
You will need our Sprouting Jar or a clean jar, a piece of mesh fabric, cheesecloth will do. You can also use a reusable mesh vegetable bag from supermarkets. A rubber band to secure the mesh.
In the jar, soak a small scoop of mix in water overnight.
The next day, discard the water and rinse your beans. Drain well. This can all be done with the lid/mesh held in place.
Place the jar at a slight angle so that the top of the jar faces downwards.
Rinse and drain your beans twice a day.
After 2-3 days you will see sprouts growing. You can then rinse and drain one last time and store in the fridge.

Use within a few days. You will see how much sprouts are produced, a small amount of mix goes a long way so you can adjust the amount accordingly for your next batch.

Not microwave or dishwasher safe.
Sprouting Kit w/ 200g mix  £9.00
Sprouting Jar Only  £6.00
Sprouting mix 200g  £3.60

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